Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Online Earning

Make Money Online

Yes guys its true, you can make money online without investing anything. What you need is only few skills and few hours for your daily busy schedule.

There are two simple ways, you can use and yes believe me they both work.

Let's take  a look on them:-

Outsourcing Website which Provides Work for Home

There are plenty of outsourcing website which help you to get work and earn online.

But truly said I have not tried most of them, I have tried only one and it worked for me also its really simple to use.


Freelancer is a place where people come to hire some other people for their work and also people come to get hired by someone so they can earn money.

How It Work

It really simple, you just have to sign up on the website (you can sign up as a free account user) and you will get some bid (auctions), now what you have to do is just search the projects and bid on them, and wait to be get selected.

For more details, Just go through:


There are some things which need to be taken care before starting any project, as you are there for money so be sure that the person (owner of the project) must deposit the money to free lancer before starting the work, so you will get a surety that you will get the money.

Google Adsense


Marketing on the Web is increasing a lot and as Google is number 1 place for marketing so Google have lots of advertisement and now Google have start giving these Advertisement to normal website owner so they can show the advertisement on their website through Google Adsense and Google can earn something from them, and for this Google also provide some part of their earning form that advertisement.

How It Work

For this you just need a website or a blog (as we are talking about free earning so we will take blog). You can create a blog about anything, just go to sign up here and start blogging, once your blog will be done, you can simply apply to the Adsense and wait for the approval.

Once the approval will be done Baamm!! you have advertisement on your blog and now you will earn when somebody click on those Advertisement.

How to Apply Adsense for Blog

Its really easy, once you will be done with your blog, just go to your account, select the blog and from the left panel, go to Earning tab and apply it.


As always there are some warnings or we can say guidelines about using Adsense like do not ever click on the your adds by yourself etc etc. I prefer you to please read the all guideline before applying adds otherwise your Google Adsense account may be get deactivated without notifying you.

For complete Guide Line please go to:

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